Swale Wader Group


An interesting night with a good tide and no wind and about 14C. The moon shone hazily through what little cloud there was, giving plenty of light for the birds to see the nets. Lots of birds moving as the tide came in, filling the air with calls of waders, Herons, Shelduck and even Brent Geese. The Curlew were quite spectacular. However the moon's brightness meant that we did not have a big catch with just 16 birds.

We caught:

  • Shelduck 3 (all juveniles)
  • Knot 1 (adult, a control with a french ring)
  • Dunlin 2 (both juveniles)
  • Bar-tailed Godwit 2 (both juveniles)
  • Curlew 5 (4 juveniles and an adult)
  • Redshank 3 (2 juveniles and an adult)

Ringing Sessions