Swale Wader Group


Redshank recoveries

These birds ringed by the Swale Wader Group have been recovered elsewhere, or have been ringed elsewhere and re-captured by the Swale Wader Group. Click on a ring number to see a map and life history for that bird.

Ring number





S34489 4 Ringed 07/05/1956 Great Wigborough, Essex
13/02/1963 Windmill Creek, Kent 44km S 6y 9m 6d
R57355 4 Ringed 20/08/1959 Terrington, Norfolk
09/04/1963 Murston, Kent 61km SE 3y 7m 20d
R11330 1 Ringed 01/06/1960 Fowley Island, Kent
12/02/1961 Alhandra, Ribatejo, PORTUGAL 1579km SSW 0y 8m 11d
723864 4 Ringed 04/03/1961 Harty, Kent
Found dead 24/07/1964 Cresswell, Northumberland 457km NNW 3y 4m 20d
719984 2 Ringed 29/07/1961 Harty, Kent
Found dead 12/01/1963 Rye, East Sussex 46km SSW 1y 5m 14d
719986 2 Ringed 29/07/1961 Harty, Kent
Found dead 23/01/1963 Bembridge, Isle of Wight, Hants 157km WSW 1y 5m 25d
CK09906 2 Ringed 27/08/1961 Harty, Kent
Found dead 21/01/1963 Seaford , Sussex 86km SW 1y 4m 25d
10563R 3 Ringed 28/07/1962 Walberswick, Suffolk
15/09/1962 Harty, Kent 118km SSW 0y 1m 18d
CK09946 2 Ringed 17/08/1962 Harty, Kent
Recaptured 12/06/1963 Bjorko, Vassa, FINLAND 1790km NNE 0y 9m 26d
CA86450 2 Ringed 10/07/1964 Chetney, Kent
02/01/1965 St Ciers sur Gironde, Gironde, FRANCE 689km S 0y 5m 23d
DS08743 3 Ringed 24/07/1964 Stoke, Kent
Recaptured 23/08/1975 Harty, Kent 21km ESE 11y 0m 30d
CX71880 3 Ringed 30/07/1965 Grovehurst, Kent
Found dead 14/07/1968 St Valery sur Somme, Somme, FRANCE 142km SSE 2y 11m 14d
DS23427 4 Ringed 20/08/1966 Harty, Kent
Found dead 19/05/1967 Vestmannaeyjar, ICELAND 1829km NW 0y 8m 29d
DS23446 4 Ringed 04/09/1966 Harty, Kent
Found dead 21/07/1972 Avsjoen , Oppland, NORWAY 1311km NNE 5y 10m 17d
DS44597 3 Ringed 09/09/1967 Harty, Kent
Found dead 07/07/1968 near Bl?ndu?s, ICELAND 1999km NNW 0y 9m 28d
DS73502 4 Ringed 13/07/1968 Harty, Kent
Found dead 15/07/1970 Reasmarsh, East Sussex 42km SSW 2y 0m 2d
DS57545 4 Ringed 02/08/1969 Harty, Kent
Found dead 16/11/1972 Orford, Suffolk 92km NNE 3y 3m 14d
DS78608 4 Ringed 16/08/1969 Harty, Kent
Found dead 14/12/1969 Gondiol, SENEGAL 4235km SSW 0y 3m 28d
DS78604 4 Ringed 16/08/1969 Harty, Kent
Found dead 13/05/1970 Westerholz, Schleswig Holstein, GERMANY 706km NE 0y 8m 27d
DS78622 4 Ringed 16/08/1969 Harty, Kent
Found dead 10/08/1972 Essaouira, MORROCO 2375km SSW 2y 11m 25d
DS57629 2 Ringed 22/08/1970 Harty, Kent
Found dead 26/08/1970 Creully, Calvados, FRANCE 229km S 0y 0m 4d
DS57570 4 Ringed 22/08/1970 Harty, Kent
Found dead 05/06/1975 Wierum, Friesland, NETHERLANDS 414km NE 4y 9m 14d
2074490 4 Ringed 12/08/1971 Pegwell Bay, Kent
Recaptured 19/08/1971 Harty, Kent 34km WNW 0y 0m 7d
DS08553 4 Ringed 09/10/1971 Harty, Kent
Found dead 20/10/1985 Paimpol, Cotes du Nord, FRANCE 403km SW 14y 0m 11d
DS08794 4 Ringed 26/07/1975 Harty, Kent
Found dead 10/04/1986 Cliffe Creek, Kent 30km WNW 10y 8m 15d
DR27203 3 Ringed 28/08/1976 Carnoustie, Angus, SCOTLAND
Recaptured 26/09/1976 Harty, Kent 618km SSE 0y 0m 29d
3 Ringed 20/07/1977 Mikoszewo, Gdansk, POLAND
Found dead 22/02/1978 Milton Regis, Sittingbourne, Kent 1262km W 0y 7m 2d
CC63855 4 Ringed 11/08/1979 Harty, Kent
Found dead 19/07/1981 Marck, Pas de Calais, FRANCE 85km ESE 1y 11m 8d
DS07313 4 Ringed 29/12/1985 Littlebourne, Kent
Recaptured 11/08/1995 Harty, Kent 20km NW 9y 7m 13d
DR74419 1 Ringed 13/07/1988 Pegwell Bay, Kent
Recaptured 25/08/2002 Shellness, Kent 30km WNW 14y 1m 12d
DK20736 1 Ringed 18/07/1990 Waterhead, Leicestershire
Recaptured 30/07/2004 Shellness, Kent 200km SE 14y 0m 12d
DK47528 3 Ringed 25/08/1991 Harty, Kent
Found dead 09/06/2003 Refsstadur, Vopnafjordur, Nordur-Mula, ICELAND 1825km NNW 11y 9m 15d
DK47597 3 Ringed 30/07/1992 Harty, Kent
Found dead 01/11/1992 Nieulle sur Seudre, Charente-Maritime, FRANCE 638km SSW 0y 3m 2d
DK47610 3 Ringed 15/08/1992 Harty, Kent
Found dead 15/12/2005 Pont l'Abbe, Finistere, FRANCE 536km SW 13y 4m 0d
3 Ringed 07/10/1994 Westerkwelder, Schiermonnikoog, NETHERLANDS
Recaptured 20/12/1998 Shellness, Kent 425km WSW 4y 2m 13d
DB14585 4 Ringed 31/08/1996 Shellness, Kent
Recaptured 16/12/2005 Sandwich Bay, Kent 94km NNE 9y 3m 15d
DB37225 1 Ringed 27/05/1997 Timsgarry, Isle of Lewis, SCOTLAND
Recaptured 23/08/1998 Shellness, Kent 913km SE 1y 2m 27d
DB30526 3 Ringed 19/07/1997 Shellness, Kent
Found dead 23/07/2001 Kingsnorth Power Station, Kent 25km WNW 4y 0m 4d
DN50718 4 Ringed 05/02/1998 Reculver, Kent
Recaptured 31/07/2000 Shellness, Kent 20km W 2y 5m 26d
DK49085 1 Ringed 29/05/1998 Elmley, Kent
Recaptured 21/11/1999 Shellness, Kent 11km E 1y 5m 23d
DK49262 1 Ringed 03/06/1998 Elmley, Kent
Recaptured 20/12/1998 Shellness, Kent 11km E 0y 6m 17d
DB14787 4 Ringed 08/08/1998 Shellness, Kent
Found dead 07/05/2003 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk 146km NNE 4y 8m 29d
4 Ringed 10/08/1999 Ujscie Wisly, Gdansk, POLAND
Recaptured 31/07/2003 Shellness, Kent 1248km W 3y 11m 21d
DB50140 4 Ringed 11/09/1999 Shellness, Kent
Recaptured 30/08/2000 Terrington, Norfolk 166km NNW 0y 11m 19d
DB50142 4 Ringed 11/09/1999 Shellness, Kent
Found dead 16/11/2000 Reculver/ Minnis bay, Kent 20km E 1y 2m 5d
DB50134 4 Ringed 11/09/1999 Shellness, Kent
Found dead 06/01/2002 Swalecliffe, Kent 8km E 2y 3m 26d
DB50119 3 Ringed 11/09/1999 Shellness, Kent
Recaptured 13/06/2004 Blikalon, Melrakkasletta, Nordur-Thingeyjar, ICELAND 1933km NNW 4y 9m 2d
DB50215 3 Ringed 09/10/1999 Shellness, Kent
Found dead 08/01/2005 Warham Salt Marsh, Norfolk 175km N 5y 2m 30d
DB50349 4 Ringed 31/07/2000 Shellness, Kent
Found dead 22/06/2002 Langhus, Fljot , Skagafjardar, ICELAND 1983km NNW 1y 10m 22d
DB50338 3 Ringed 31/07/2000 Shellness, Kent
Recaptured 02/06/2012 Rye Harbour, East Sussex 50km SSW 11y 10m 2d
DB97062 3 Ringed 21/08/2001 Kingsnorth Power Station, Kent
Found dead 23/04/2005 Elmley, Kent 14km ESE 3y 8m 2d
DB95295 3 Ringed 31/07/2003 Shellness, Kent
Recaptured 27/10/2003 Kingsnorth Power Station, Kent 25km WNW 0y 2m 26d
DB95301 3 Ringed 31/07/2003 Shellness, Kent
Recaptured 23/07/2005 Kingsnorth Power Station, Kent 25km WNW 1y 11m 22d
DN91889 3 Ringed 11/08/2003 Sandwich Bay, Kent
Recaptured 23/07/2005 Shellness, Kent 28km WNW 1y 11m 12d
DB95564 3 Ringed 16/08/2004 Harty, Kent
Recaptured 23/05/2009 Res.Nat de Moeze, Charente-Maritime, FRANCE 625km SSW 4y 9m 7d
1 Ringed 16/06/2005 Flatey, Breidafjordur, Austur-Bardastrandar, ICELAND
Recaptured 03/09/2005 Harty, Kent 2062km SE 0y 2m 18d
DB95785 4 Ringed 18/09/2005 Harty, Kent
04/07/2009 Valthjofsstadir, Nupasveit, Nordur-Thingeyjar, ICELAND 1916km NNW 3y 9m 16d
DB95872 3 Ringed 25/07/2006 Shellness, Kent
Recaptured 22/09/2006 Kingsnorth Power Station, Kent 25km WNW 0y 1m 28d
3 Ringed 07/09/2009 Terschelling Oosterend, Terschelling, NETHERLANDS
Recaptured 08/09/2010 Harty, Kent 371km SW 1y 0m 1d

Map of Redshank recoveries

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The grey marker indicates the position of The Swale. Red markers indicate recovery locations of birds ringed by the Swale Wader Group. Green markers are the ringing locations of birds re-captured on or near The Swale.

In addition there have been 18 local recoveries.