Swale Wader Group


Redshank recoveries

These birds ringed by the Swale Wader Group have been recovered elsewhere, or have been ringed elsewhere and re-captured by the Swale Wader Group. Click on a ring number to see a map and life history for that bird.

Ring number Age / sex Activity Date Location Movement Duration


3 Ringed 31 Jul 2000 Shellness, Kent
Recaptured 02 Jun 2012 Rye Harbour, East Sussex 50km SSW 11y 10m 2d


4 Ringed 02 Sep 2001 Shellness, Kent
19 Apr 2011 Harty Marshes, Kent 3km SW 9y 7m 17d


6 Ringed 18 Jan 2004 Seasalter, Kent
Recaptured 08 Sep 2010 Harty, Kent 6km W 6y 7m 21d

Arnhem 1536226

3 Ringed 07 Sep 2009 Terschelling Oosterend, Terschelling, NETHERLANDS
Recaptured 08 Sep 2010 Harty, Kent 371km SW 1y 0m 1d


4 Ringed 18 Sep 2005 Harty, Kent
04 Jul 2009 Valthjofsstadir, Nupasveit, Nordur-Thingeyjar, ICELAND 1917km NNW 3y 9m 16d


3 Ringed 16 Aug 2004 Harty, Kent
Recaptured 23 May 2009 Res.Nat de Moeze, Charente-Maritime, FRANCE 623km SSW 4y 9m 7d


3 Ringed 25 Jul 2006 Shellness, Kent
Recaptured 22 Sep 2006 Kingsnorth Power Station, Kent 25km WNW 0y 1m 28d


4 Ringed 31 Aug 1996 Shellness, Kent
Recaptured 16 Dec 2005 Sandwich Bay, Kent 94km NNE 9y 3m 15d


3 Ringed 15 Aug 1992 Harty, Kent
Found dead 15 Dec 2005 Pont l'Abbe, Finistere, FRANCE 536km SW 13y 4m 0d

Reykjavik 760785

1 Ringed 16 Jun 2005 Flatey, Breidafjordur, Austur-Bardastrandar, ICELAND
Recaptured 03 Sep 2005 Harty, Kent 2062km SE 0y 2m 18d

Map of recoveries

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The grey marker indicates the position of The Swale. Red markers indicate recovery locations of birds ringed by the Swale Wader Group. Green markers indicate ringing locations of birds re-captured by the Swale Wader Group or re-sighted around The Swale.