Swale Wader Group


Bar-tailed Godwit recoveries

These birds ringed by the Swale Wader Group have been recovered elsewhere, or have been ringed elsewhere and re-captured by the Swale Wader Group. Click on a ring number to see a map and life history for that bird.

Ring number





DS73597 4 Ringed 05/10/1968 Harty, Kent
27/03/1975 Vlieland Island, Friesland, NETHERLANDS 349km NE 6y 5m 22d
4 Ringed 09/09/1979 Jomfruland, Telemark, NORWAY
20/12/1998 Shellness, Kent 996km SW 19y 3m 11d
DB14877 4 Ringed 23/08/1998 Shellness, Kent
05/06/1999 Pyasina River, Taymyr, WESTERN SIBERIA 4686km NNE 0y 9m 13d
DB14814 4 Ringed 23/08/1998 Shellness, Kent
12/11/1999 Minster, Kent 11km WNW 1y 2m 20d
DB95072 3 Ringed 02/12/2001 Harty, Kent
21/03/2004 Skaerbaek, Jylland, DENMARK 665km NE 2y 3m 19d
DB95118 4 Ringed 23/08/2002 Harty, Kent
14/08/2003 Le Vivier sur Mer, Brittany, FRANCE 403km SW 0y 11m 22d
DD84161 3 Ringed 08/10/2007 Harty, Kent
26/07/2009 Snettisham, Norfolk 172km N 1y 9m 18d
3 Ringed 27/08/2009 Revtanger, Klepp, Rogaland, NORWAY
29/08/2011 Harty, Kent 872km SSW 2y 0m 2d

Map of Bar-tailed Godwit recoveries

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The grey marker indicates the position of The Swale. Red markers indicate recovery locations of birds ringed by the Swale Wader Group. Green markers are the ringing locations of birds re-captured on or near The Swale.

In addition there have been 3 local recoveries.