Swale Wader Group


Golden Plover recoveries

These birds ringed by the Swale Wader Group have been recovered elsewhere, or have been ringed elsewhere and re-captured by the Swale Wader Group. Click on a ring number to see a map and life history for that bird.

Ring number





2 Ringed 27/03/1959 Onderdendam, Groningen, THE NETHERLANDS
04/11/1961 Harty, Kent 443km WSW 2y 7m 8d
723799 Ringed 15/10/1960 Harty, Kent
09/02/1962 Bir Jedid, , MORROCO 2076km SSW 1y 3m 25d
CK11033 2 Ringed 07/10/1961 Harty, Kent
01/01/1962 Portland, Dorset 252km WSW 0y 2m 25d
CK11064 2 Ringed 04/11/1961 Harty, Kent
24/02/1962 Queyrac, Gironde, FRANCE 678km SSW 0y 3m 20d
CK11065 2 Ringed 11/11/1961 Harty, Kent
15/02/1969 Le Mesnit Vigot, Manche, FRANCE 292km SW 7y 3m 4d
P12092 2 Ringed 09/12/1961 Harty, Kent
02/01/1962 St Malo de la Lande, Manche, FRANCE 307km SW 0y 0m 24d
P12074 2 Ringed 09/12/1961 Harty, Kent
07/11/1962 Niekerk, Groningen, THE NETHERLANDS 425km ENE 0y 10m 29d
P12078 2 Ringed 09/12/1961 Harty, Kent
07/03/1965 Talarrubias, Badajoz, SPAIN 1449km SSW 3y 2m 26d
79971S 2 Ringed 31/10/1962 Grovehurst, Kent
05/02/1963 Fregenal, Badajoz, SPAIN 1578km SSW 0y 3m 5d
DS08169 2 Ringed 12/11/1965 Chetney Marsh, Kent
09/08/1973 Jylland, DENMARK 945km NE 7y 8m 28d
DS30948 4 Ringed 23/09/1967 Harty, Kent
16/02/1969 Lucanco, Oviedo, SPAIN 994km SW 1y 4m 24d
CJ33486 4 Ringed 22/09/1984 Harty, Kent
31/01/1985 Beja, Alentejo, PORTUGAL 1634km SSW 0y 4m 9d
3 Ringed 28/11/1989 Tzum, Friesland, THE NETHERLANDS
02/01/1992 Harty, Kent 374km WSW 2y 1m 5d
6 Ringed 25/02/1998 Reninge, West-Vlaanderen, BELGIUM
03/11/2002 Harty, Kent 139km WNW 4y 8m 9d
DB95463 4 Ringed 21/11/2003 Harty, Kent
28/12/2004 Bellou, Calvados, FRANCE 325km S 1y 1m 7d
DB95624 3 Ringed 07/11/2004 Swale NNR, Kent
10/12/2007 Windmill Creek, Kent 11km W 3y 1m 3d

Map of Golden Plover recoveries

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The grey marker indicates the position of The Swale. Red markers indicate recovery locations of birds ringed by the Swale Wader Group. Green markers are the ringing locations of birds re-captured on or near The Swale.

In addition there has been 1 local recovery.