Swale Wader Group


A team of ringers attempted a catch in the Swale NNR fresh marsh on this mornings high tide. We only managed to catch 6 birds but were entertained by a fireworks display across the Swale at the Whitstable Festival and by the lightning moving round out in the estuary.

The totals were:
  • Redshank (2 juveniles plus a retrapped adult)
  • Dunlin (1 ad in summer plumage)
  • Black-tailed Godwit (2 moulting adults both in summer plumage)

The retrap Redshank is interesting, in that this bird was ringed on 31 July 2000 at Shellness and retrapped at Harty on 12th August 2011.  This bird has survived for nearly 14 years from being ringed a Juvenile. This is our 6th oldest Redshank retrap (the oldest one is over 16 years old).

Ringing Sessions